Site under construction. Need opinions

Do you think that the white box tweening and also having the image fade in is overkill. If you click Weddings>Gallery, and go through the pictures you will notice that they dont fade but the box does tween. Do you think it should make it like that on the rest of the site (not having pictures fade in/out)?

I’m gonna have the text change too.

have it fade in, it will look way smoother and nicer, animation wise :slight_smile:

site looks real nice…i actually like the box fading in and haveing ur content and pictures load in it…how is that accomplished if u dont mind me askin??? i have always wanted to know how people do that kinda stuff to have one thing keep animating all through the site like what u have…once again if it’s not too much could u please explain how that is done… u can email me at [email protected] if you dont feel like responding in here…

but animation looks nice on ur site :slight_smile: