Sites in mx... help

i’ve read the tutorials and i know all the basics, but i’m kinda stuck right now and i haven’t found an answer to my question…

i’m working on a site at and i want to make it so that the buttons at the bottom will open up that section of the site on the same page in the upper right area of the image. should i just use an onrelease “goto frame _” action and make a frame for it later in the movie? or should i make a new layer for the section and just have it show up somehow when the user clicks? it seems like there should be some way of doing this that i cant seem to think of.

help is appreciated, thanks


I am also creating a site using the same similiar effect.

  • The best way I have found on doing this is to create several different .swf files and use the loadMovie to bring them in and then unloadMovie when it is no longer needed.

  • Also to simplify the pacement ect. i just duplicate my original .swf and use it as a template.

Doing it this way keeps doanload times to a minium and does not create large unmanageable timelines.

Hope it helps!

i was also having troubles with scrolling text, but i found a good tutorial on this site.

I totally agree with Vibes. You can find an amazing tutorial about load movies on this very site ! Now isn’t the world a wonderful place ?

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