Site's structure changing on a zoom out

Hi, I’m something of a newbie, so please excuse me for not knowing all of the terminology yet.

Can I show you what’s happening with my site?

When I zoom out, using Alt+Scroll wheel, the structure of the page breaks, the text inside the <div> pushes the <div> down over the video.

I imagine the answer will have something to do with making a “fluid site”, so any advice on where I should begin?

Or, do you think that there isn’t any reason for anyone to zoom out that far, so I shouldn’t worry about it?

My site isn’t friends with mobile devices, but I thought I would just make a small version of my site, and try to use an auto direct in the code, but that’s another box of bstars, that I’ll worry about another day.

Thanks for any help, I really enjoy making my site, but sometimes it’s infuriating.