Skip frames doesn't work

Hi all,

I’m having trouble skipping some frames in my swf.

I’ve got some tabs that are filled with an XML attribute named tekst. Now with some basic actionscript, I do a check t see if any attributes are undefined. If so, leave the dynamic textfield blank and set the _alpha of that specific tab at 0; this all works fine.

The only thing I want to achieve is, when say only tabs 1 and 2 are filled, I want to start the animation over after tab 2 has finished. At the moment the animation plays all 5 tabs and then starts over.

I tried a ‘simple’ myMC.gotoAndPlay(5), but this didn’t work. (5 is the framenumber from which the animation must start). I thought maybe I’m calling something that isn’t there, so I tried only gotoAndPlay(5); this didn’t work either, because my MC with all the animations is not on the .root timeline.

Anyone here who could help me with this?