Skipping cue point problem (PC bug?)


Here’s my workflow:

Scenario #1: Main swf loads animation swf and audio-only flv with embedded cue points.

Scenario #2: Main swf loads audio/video flv without embedded cue points.

Audio-only flv contains embedded cuepoints which trigger animation changes in the loaded animation swf through a series of case statements.

This all works fine & dandy on my Mac.

However, when I test it on a PC, the .flv skips to the next cue point, plays for a couple seconds, then skips to the next cue point, etc. etc. This “skipping” is even reflected in the playHeadTime.

However, when I’m only loading a video/audio flv into my main swf (sans cue points) there is obviously no skipping.

Is this a known issue with PC’s? I’m publishing for Flash Video Player 8. Could it be getting buggy while playing on Flash Video Player 9? OR, could it be that the lack of a video track in my Flash Video Encoded .flv is causing the flvPlayer to skip?



P.S. Due to the proprietary nature of this project, I’m not really allowed to upload these files. But work with me, bros. :cowboy: