Sleepless nights looking for the answer!

I’ve been at this for months now. I will say I am very new to AS3, but I have been able to manage up until now. I can only use AS3, because I am using the Bone tool in CS4 extensively and it wont work in AS2.

I working on this site for this tattoo artist, with the menu bar running left to right through the center. The issue/ what im trying to make happen is
-on a button click, load a movieclip with a embedded .FLV onto the stage in the center, covering the buttons
-set the blend mode to MULTIPLY
-have it play halfway through/ to a certain point and stop

  • have its own close button, which play out the rest of the clip
    -then have it unload itself.

I can make all that happen, just not at the same time. It seems like one thing always keeps another from working.

A lot of the solutions i’ve found came from here, and others from the Google. Im at my wits end. I know a collaborative brainstorm here, always seems to produce results.

Mucho thanks in advance just for reading through this!!!