Slide menu

Hi guys,

slidemenu swf

I found this excellent menu system on and ive been trying to change the button system on it.

Basically what I want to do is instead of having the 5 different buttons (about us, profile album etc etc) I want a next button and back button.

The fla file is within this zip file:

fla & swf zip file

I have been playing with the action script on the buttons and i’m sure that to goto the next slide / back a slide will just be a simple case of adjusting this script:

setProperty ("/scroll", _x, “0.0”); (moves the slider to spot 0)

setProperty ("/scroll", _x, - Number(mw)); (moves the slider to spot 1)

setProperty ("/scroll", _x, - Number(mw*2)); (moves the slider to spot 2)


any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Theres a tute about that on this site. Check the sliding window tutorial. Actually, I rewrote it, so the new one should be up soon. Until then you can check it there:

pom :cowboy: