Slide show component problem

Dear pals,

Im working in a slide show project( text only) In that,i have a big problem. ie i want to create a component that takes an instance name of the dynamic text field(single line) on the stage.The value(eg. product name) for the text field comes from an external txt file.
I think all of u confused.
i know, how to read product names from the file using loadVars. I tried much to create a component, but the result is zero.
The component may contain three parameters.

  1. Target Field - string type
  2. AnimationStyle - list type (effects)
  3. AnimationType -list type (introduce text list)

Effects list includes a set of effects like in power point such as fly from top,fly from bottom right and random effects etc (Introducetext includes All at once, by word , by letter)

I think all of u are able to do this. Im a new bee to action script.

I’m happy and be indebted to someone who reply fr this thread.

I expecting the example fla…

Thanx in adv.