Slider nav bar

Long time no see,

I’m trying to make a slider type navigation module. Basically what the idea is, is to have a slider that when it get’s near a certain position, it locks to that position.
For instance, in my attached fla i’ve got a dragger that slides along a 200px wide line. Along that line i have added some “notches” to where I want the dragger to end up when it gets into proximity of one of the notches. So say the dragger starts out at 200px and the first notch to the left is at 150px, if i slide under say 175 it’ll lock to the 150 mark. Then if i were to keep sliding left to get to the 100 mark i’d have to slide below 125 for it to snap to the 100 mark. If i stayed above 125 it would snap back to the 150 mark. Hopefully this makes sense. The idea is every time the dragger locks into position on a “notch” that’ll trigger something as you can see from my trace. I got the code started but I have no clue where to go from there. Thanks :beer: