Slideshow - Confused newbie would like complete solution!

I am trying to produce something very simple:-

I have folders of images ‘Folder1’,'Folder2,‘Folder3’ etc.
In each folder I have a textfile with a variable called count
In each folder I have images titled ‘photo1.jpg’, ‘photo2.jpg’ etc.

All I want my script to do is to have a variable foldername that can be set to one of the image folders. Pick up the count variable which is the number of images. Load all of the images into new movieclips that are hidden.

I then want to fade them in and out.

That bit is relatively within my scope of understanding via some code I found by Sergio M Zambrano on the web:

intervalm = 7000;//Time interval in milliseconds
mainstotry = 10;//Maximum images to be shown at once by the slideshow.
imgnumber = 2;//First image to be created by duplicating “photo1”
faddingnow = 0;//Image to be faded out
fadeback = 1;//Background of fadding pair
fadedbefore = mainstotal;//Init of previous faded image, to be hid and 100alphaed
mainstotal = mainstotal;//Init of total of valid loaded images
aqui = this; //Tells the functions where this slideshow is located
//this is the main fader
fader = function(who, shade, frames) {
alphastart = who._alpha;
shadedif = shade - who._alpha;
who.onEnterFrame = function() {
//who._alpha -= 10;
who._alpha = who._alpha + shadedif / frames;
if (Math.abs(who._alpha - shade) < Math.abs(shadedif / frames)) {
who._alpha = shade;
delete who.onEnterFrame;
//This actions calls the fader()
function justFades(aqui) {
mainpInterval_inited =true;
this = aqui;
this[“photo”+fadedbefore]._visible = false;
trace(“hidden: “+this[“photo”+fadedbefore]);
this[“photo”+fadedbefore]._alpha = 100;
this[“photo”+fadeback]._visible = true;
fader(this[“photo”+faddingnow], 0, 20);
fadedbefore = faddingnow;
function whatToFade() {
this = aqui;
//if the last image has already been faded out…
if (fadedbefore == mainstotal) {
this.photo1._visible = true;
this.photo2._visible = true;
this[“photo”+(mainstotal+1)]._visible = false;
fadeback = 2;
faddingnow = 1;
//if next pair’s background image is smaller than 1px, sets total loaded…
} else if (this[“photo”+fadeback]._width<1) {
mainstotal = faddingnow;
//…duplicates first foto below the last loaded image.
loadMovie(“mainpictures/Photo1.jpg”, this[“photo”+fadeback]);
//…and batch deletes the rest of empty movieclips.
do {
} while (fadeback<mainstotry);
//This tries to load the maximum ammount of images to be shown at once in the slideshow
for (i=1; i<=mainstotry; i++) {
this.createEmptyMovieClip(“photo”+i, 1000-i);
this[“photo”+i]._visible = false;
loadMovie(“mainpictures/Photo”+i+”.jpg”, this[“photo”+i]);
//This makes sure the interval is loaded just once or cleared before another one is called.
if (mainpInterval_inited !=true) {
var mainpInterval:Number = new setInterval(justFades, intervalm, aqui);
this.onUnload = function() {

However I need to Re-scale and centre the images in each movie clip. Fade in and Fade Out the images with variables for speed of fade and length on screen.

There must be a complete script somewhere to do all this???

Step2 will be to create .swf for the slideshows and pass the foldername to the swf from a master flash file. The idea is that I can create a new text file that contains the image folder names and use a pull-down to select the folder and pass to the slideshow .swf.

I have non-techie users that need to be able to upload pictures and amend a text file or two - and everything work! No xml, no php etc.

I am using Flash CS3 but Flash8 compatibility would be preferred!

If anyone has done this, please, please help me out! (or if they could bolt together all the other posts into one peice of code). Just throw a .fla my way please???