Slideshow/gallery with departments

I have done this flash-gallery/slideshow to a site that I cant mention.
It will automaticaly change picture if you dont touch something.
It uses no components or ready code, it is coded from the ground
It uses xml for the pictures+text and it is also dynamicaly in another way.
When you add some code to the html I can take it out in the xml-document (a php-document but if shoves like a xml).
This is needed to sort so when I am on the habbla-section on the site it will only shov thing about habbla (bad example)
I did this for a week ago, but then I did go to a small confirmation-camp (I am 14) so I havent shoved it earlier.

The adress: ( is not the site for it, it is just a temporarly adress to show this gallery/slideshow ( is coded by me in php, not finished yet))

EDIT: forgot to say that I dident do the grafic-part (only the AC-work)