Slideshow + transitions loading multiple SWFs

So I went through the wonderful slideshow/gallery tutrorial on this site.

And I used a version of the loading mutliple SWFs with transition tutorial.

They work fine separately. And they even work together some times. But for somereason when I call to load the slide show it want to use the wrong transition from the main timeline.

Here is the link to the site. Click on STYLISTS in the nav. If you have done the tutorial the transition uses a alpha fade. That is what I want and it works sometimes. but other times it uses the square scale transition, but that is only supposed to happen when the clip forst loads into the empty MC. Also sometimes the XML files is not seem like it is loaded and the words “test” are in the dynamic fields which is how it appears in the .fla file.

Any suggestions as to what might be happening?