Sliding Menu problem

Hello to everybody!
I’ve been looking all over the web for interesting tutorials (since i’m not a fan of printed books, mainly because of their price) in order to learn something new and include it into my always-under-construction-website. So i found your Sliding Menu tutorial, and i loved it. But here’s what my problem is:
It works fine when i keep the original size of the sliding pages. But when i increase it (to 800x600, in order to have real pages, not just a menu), it doesnt work… Since i’m not really familiar with ActionScript, i don’t know if i have to change the code somehow in order to make it work for bigger pages… Btw i saw nothing related to that size in the code, so i guess size doesn’t really matter (who says it doesn’t?! ;)). My question is WHY the #^%%$# it doesn’t work then?

I hope someone could give me a hint or smth!
Thank you in advance!