Sliding menu w/ buttons tutorial

Hi there,

I’m new to this site, as of last night, and I must say, it’s one of the best flash sites I’ve seen yet. I love it.

I’m somewhat new to flash 5 myself, and although I knew most of the basic tutorial material, I thought they were well though out and explained. Very nice job.

The advanced tutorials… now there’s where I find the challenge. Good stuff in there!

My question today…

I’ve learned how to tweek some of the things in the sliding menu, and have come up w/ a nice theme… but how can I increase the overall size of the entire menu? (buttons, masks, everything!) I’d like to at least double the size of the example you have in the tutorial, but when I do this just by using the transform (constrain) method and changing the % to 200%, the menu no longer works when I test it.

I’m sure this is a n00b question, but we all gotta start somewhere! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance for the replies :slight_smile:

What doesn’t work exactly ?
The as, for sure, can’t work precisely.

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I need to make the whole thing… bigger… bigger!

if you are going to double the size of the mask and the movie clip then you have double the amount of space you move and everything…its just changing the numbers…

I know man, I know! I tried that… it just won’t work. =/

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thanks, but that link does not help. i can find **** on my own, lol.

can anyone give me a serious answer?

That’s not a link. That’s an emial, implying, “send him the email and he’ll look at it.”

Don’t take this the wrong way… :lol:

Hey man it’s POM not ****. :evil: