Sliding Photogallery


I’m a super newbie, trying to make my first photogallery.

This is the example I’m trying to clone

I don’t need the “invisible” thumbnail, just need to have some category of picture (fashion, portraits, etc) scrolling.

It’s about 1 week I’m looking everywere to accomplish it…but it’s really difficult for me!

Today I discovered this tutorial so I opened the fla, deleting everything but the thumbnail. I was so happy! But I have a problem: it works only with photo of same width, unless there is a bug and the pictures are not correctly viewed…:frowning:

I know that this is not a good mood of work, but I always try to “trick” other tutorial to accomplish my works…

Can you help me??

If it’s too difficult to explain how to do this with the tutorial, maybe you can only help me to script the function that make a big movieclip (containing some picture) to scroll. Maybe even with a little bit of acceleration (:

Thanks, hope you’ll reply!!