Slow / distorted audio?

This is incredibly frustrating - my voice-over and background music play fine on the computer they were made on, but on most other pc’s I’ve tested with (2000 and XP machines), the audio is way deeper, distorted, slower, etc. Does anyone have a remedy for this? I’ve tried changing them all to different sound modeS (event, stream, start, stop), and tinkering with the kbps doesn’t seem to help.

here is the url:


…anyone? It’s abosulutely incredibly frustrating!

This is probly the most ghetto answer to a problem ever, but it’ll work.Sonique( has a tempo slider (hit that bar at the bottom and it’s the red little circle thing). Add the file into sonquie, and play it at the tempo you want. Now comes the idiocy. Get a recording program thing (there’s lots of them out there) and just record the song over and save the file. I downloaded “TotalRecorder” off Kazaa. I don’t know how legal it was, but it works just fine.

… and there ya go. Let me know if you want that recorder program.

I was considering that, but I don’t know exactly how much to speed it up…?

If I recorded at 96kbps and it shows up in flash as 48, I’d make it 2x as fast, right? In theory, anyway. But what if the pitch is not directly proportionally distorted to the speed?

I think that worked – can someone test it for me? Does it play like a normal voice?

ya, sounds great. that’s a ****(d/\mn) good job too!

Hey, man, thanks! This is my first time in flash, so that means a lot!