Small Dreamweaver Extension: Open site selection (open folder view from site panel)

I made a little extension yesterday for something that really bugs me about dreamweaver - that being that there is no easy way to open a folder view of a folder selected in your site panel. There should be an option of right-click > open… well, there is, but the “Open” actually references expand/collapse in site view, not actually opening the folder in folder view.

This extension is a simple command used from the commands menu that does just that. Select a folder in site the site panel and go to Commands > Open site selection and the selected folder will open in a folder browsing explorer window (windows only). If used on a file and not a folder, the file will open and since explorer.exe is used to open the selection, this usually opens the file in IE.

I dont know how many people actually have use for this, but I know I do. :slight_smile:

Hey that’s pretty slick Sen, thanks :slight_smile: