Small problem w/ tween as preloader

Heres a link to the tutorial that i followed. I followed the instructions and everything works perfectly.

Heres my problem. In the website I’m building, I have the main page. Within that page I have a container where all the external swf files are loaded into. When my preloader that I built plays within that container it doesnt play like its suppose to and it then loads the external swf file that the container loads when the main page starts up instead of playing “Scene 2” from the swf with the preloader that isn’t playing right. does that make sence? please help. heres the code from the preloader. maybe that might help? also the instence name for the container is “contents”

loaded_bytes = Math.round(_root.getBytesLoaded());
loaded_total = Math.round(_root.getBytesTotal());
total_percent = (loaded_bytes/loaded_total)100;
_root.loaded_text = Math.round(total_percent);
startpoint = bar._x
_root.text._x = startpoint + (