Smart clip help please

alright let me see if I can explain this. I have a smart clip that I created it is a drop down menu. I wired it up so I can change the menu items and title of the clip on an instance basis. First I had it so when a button is pressed the playhead would jump to a labeled frame in the parent movie. But now what I want to do is have the menu in a frame and instead of navigating in a flash movie. I want it to pass the geturl to a lower frame and load a html doc. I will gladly send the fla to anyone who might be able to help. It is sorta hard for me to explain. I just started using smart clips so I suck right now.

actually you can get the fla from here\

In the getUrl(); method, use the frame name in place of the location. Use quotes. So if your frame was called “mainContent” then you could use\r\rgetURL(“”, “mainContent”);\r\rremember that the default for “location” is not expression… so if you put in a frame name in quotes, you’ll have to click on the expression check box to the right to make it format like it is above.

Here is a snippet of the code attached to the smart clip. At the bottom where it says _parent.gotoAndStop(menuLabel1); Where it says menulabel1 this is where I would define the location in the clipparameters. This would normally navigate to a label I specify in a frame. But I want to change that and keep the smart clip functionality and have it in a frame and load a page into a another frame. I am a real beginner when it comes to this…took all day to get this to work right. I tried the getul as suggested above and it applies it to allinstances. I am not able to change on a instance by instance basis… But that did help me with another issue.\r\ron (rollOver) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp menuSelect = true;\r}\ron (rollOut) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp menuSelect = false;\r}\ron (release) {\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp gotoAndStop (1);\r&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _parent.gotoAndStop(menuLabel1);\r}

Which smart clip is this. Can you send it to me?\r\r[email protected]

I just sent it you can also get it here\\r\rThanks for your assistance.\rNathan