"smart" sliding nav in MX?

Hi all —

I have been searching for an answer to this and a friend over at k10k suggested this forum. Hopefully someone here can help me out with a site interaction I have been stuck on for about five days…

I have been building a site for a photography studio and have built the basis for a sliding navigation of photo work. Basically the nav is set up with sections for fashion, stills, landscapes, etc.

I have created a deck of movie clips within the main portfolio section that has tabs that, when clicked, slide out horizontally to the left to reveal the topic thumbnail images inside.

I have gotten all of this to work fine except for one, and most crucial thing.

I need to make the site “smart”…

I was looking at the site for:

They have a sliding nav system like I am trying to implement for the site I am making.

While I can slide all of the sections from right to left and then left to right I cannot get all of the other tabs to move appropriately as the clicked movie clip opens.

Does anyone know what I am missing to make my applicaton sense which mc has been clicked and move the other nav tabs left to right?

Thanks in advance.