Smiley Central

Have any of you been to: Well if you have, then you would have seen that you can download a program that lets you use over 10,000 smileys in Internet Explorer, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc…
The smileys that are on that program are so cool and I love them, but the program installs loads of other junk including spyware, even though it says it doesn’t.:liar: So my question is, where else can i find the same “super smileys”?
I don’t really like the 2D ones very much, they great, but I really like the glossy ones that come with this program. I don’t want spyware on my computer so I’m uninstalling it, but I want to find the same smiley’s that the program has. And I’ve already tryed searching the internet, but can not find them. Maybe I haven’t searched hard enough?

If anybody can help me, I would appreciate it.