Smooth scrolling with large images?

Here is an example online, I am trying something similar but am not happy with what I am seeing, perhaps it is just on my side. The scrolling seems choppy/jagged. I have this same issue doing a similar scroll with lots of big images. Is there any way to get a nice smooth scroll at a decent speed with flash?

I’ve ported my as2 code into as3 but am seeing the same results. I have used tweener and tweenlite, nothing I’ve tried is helping. Has anyone experienced this before and know how to achieve a smooth scroll? I really love flash, I don’t want it to let me down [IMG][/IMG] Am hoping there is a solution to this…

Just to add, I’m pretty sure I’m doing all the basics right, and I have the frame rate at 30 fps.

Any techinques, methods, you can reccomend for me to look up or share?