Snow tutorial updated

Like I said in a previous post Im still kinda new to flash but I really thought the snow tutorial was kick *** so I played around with it and come up with something I thought looked pretty neat so I figured Id post it.

Feel free to d/l and let me know what you think.


please put it in MX format.

Shouldn’t you have a tutorial…?

WOW!! you put a mask on it!!!

I don’t think that you need a mask to achieve the snow effect. The tutorials here are meant to show users how to create an effect, but still have a broad enough explanation so that the skills taught can be used in a variety of situations.

A mask is an interesting thing to do with the effect, but it doesn’t really fit in to the “Learn how to make the snow effect” tutorial.

wow, this file was amazing. If only there wasnt about 387483 snow tutorials already out there.