Snow Tutorial, with pseudo 3D!

This tutorial is for making a cool snow effect, let’s jump straight in!

First create a new flash document, make it 300x60 pixels, make the background #009933, so we have a nice christmassy green.

Now press ctrl+F8 to create a new symbol, make it 3x3 pixels.

Add the snow symbol to the top of the stage. Drag it about 20 pixels above the stage so the snow doesn’t all collect on the top of the stage. Now give it this code:

[AS]onClipEvent (load) {
this._width = random(5);
speed = _width;
_height = _width;
this._x = random(300);
i = 0
_y = -30
onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
this.duplicateMovieClip(snow, i)
_y += speed;
if (this._y > 60) {

Then play your movie and watch the 3d snow! Next post I will explain the code and post a source file!