So close yet no data being written to one field in database

I have 5 text fields & 1 list box component. I have found lots of examples of databases passing data to Flash but not vice versa.

I realized that unlike the text inputs I had to set a variable for the list box I call OnlineAdTypes. I feel like I am very close because I do now see undefined rather than a blank field

Here is my AS

function doSubmit()
userData = new LoadVars();
var myListbox = OnlineAdTypes;
userData.Name = Name;
userData.Advertiser = Advertiser;
userData.TypeAd = TypeAd;
userData.When = When;
userData.NonAdCustomOnline = NonAdCustomOnline;
userData.OnlineAdTypes = OnlineAdTypes.getSelectedItems();

my script processForm.asp

<%@language = "VBScript" %>
strName = Request.Form("Name")
strAdvertiser = Request.Form("Advertiser") 
strTypeAd = Request.Form("TypeAd")
strWhen = Request.Form("When")
strOnlineAdTypes = Request.Form("OnlineAdTypes")
strNonAdCustomOnline = Request.Form("NonAdCustomOnline")
Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
conn.Open "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & _
SQL = "INSERT INTO contacts (Name, Advertiser, TypeAd, When, OnlineAdTypes, NonAdCustomOnline) VALUES ('"&strName&"','"&strAdvertiser&"','"&strTypeAd&"','"&strWhen&"','"&strOnlineAdTypes&"','"&strNonAdCustomOnline&"' )"
conn.Execute SQL, recaffected
Response.Write(strName) & "<br>"
Response.Write(strAdvertiser) & "<br>"
Response.Write(strTypeAd) & "<br>"
Response.Write(strWhen) & "<br>"
Response.Write(strOnlineAdTypes) & "<br>"
Response.Write(strNonAdCustomOnline) & "<BR/><br/>"

the FLA