So How Do I Post .SWF Files On Here?

Like in my sig. I wanna post the dragfollow.swf file that I just made. And I know you have to post .html with it or something. I did “Publish Settings” for html and thats all I know how to do. Someone run this down for me VERY VERY slowly…

[swf= height=250 width=125][/swf]

Checkin to see if this works…

^I tried it and the movie wont load, why not?

2nd Try…

[swf= height=125 width=250][/swf]


lol… good for you.

yeah the trick with most forum is that they will allow the embed tags, but not the object tags. There are things that can be done (which are very similar to virus’) with the microsoft active-x componants and Flash, which causes a security breach… so… only embed tags.

So is there any way I can post this an a site that doesn’t allow HTML codes???