Socket Curiousity

Hi Guys,
I had a question about XMLSockets/Streaming in regards to flash in general. In truth I’m trying to experiment with keeping a consistent connection to the client from the server using flash and I’m pretty new to socket programming so here is my question (More thinking out loud here).

When flash streams a swf or video on the web,does it do it using a different port other than 80, like say when doing a progressive download/streaming of a video file from the server?

I’m trying to find a way (HACK) to keep a connection open to the client possibly using flash in a shared hosting environment without using polling. I know about RTMPT and AMF and all of that. In an FMS scenario, the server uses a different port etc.

But in my dream scenario, I can keep a connection open to the client in a similar way that flash does it when it’s streaming, over port 80 to interact with my ajax app and sent comet type messages when something comes up.

I’m not sure that made any sense, but if you understand it, feel free to respond.