Some Action Scripting Questions

Okay i’ve been working on this site now for about a month, and i’m really close to being finished. But before i can get it done i have a few problems with some action script questions.

First i am using a php email form in flash…basic. but when it sends out the information to the php it tells the flash file to play the next frame.

[font=Courier New][color=#003366]onClipEvent(data){

But its an external swf so when you click send it doesn’t do anything…which i’m asuming the “_root” part is refering to the main movie not the external swf? The form is inside a movie clip called “Sunset” and i want to make it play the next frame inside the “Sunset” movie clip. So i changed the “_root” to “_parent” and now it plays the next frame from the main timeline inside the external swf file…i hope your not confused. I am using midframe animations, kind of a intro and an outtro of sorts, so if you don’t fill out the form its and click a different button on the main movie then it just jumps to the thank you frame. My question is should i change the “_parent” tag to something like “_parent.Sunset” or “_root.Sunset”. Or am i way off.

Please let me know.