Some direction on working with data

Ok, so I know Ive made a few posts recently about this, but this is the first time Im working with such intensive data in flash and Im getting completely lost every 5 minutes.

I have a map of the US. I have an XML file that has every location of this company. It also contains other data for each location, for example the city, telephone numbers, fax, email, etc. I need that when I click on a state, it shows me every city in that state, and its additional info, such as telephone numbers, address, etc.

Im running into problems with storing the data. I’m realizing that associative and/or multidimensional arrays are too basic for all the data I need to store. Is this true? Should I look further into classes for storing this data? Or can it be done without?

Any direction at all? Thank you in advance.

edit: I’ve made posts about this app Im working on in the last few days, but since Ive gotten no answer from anybody this is the last time I will post questions about this problem here - after this its moving to the jobs forum!!