Some help with a class problem? Pls :¬(

Hi guys,

Does anyone have any idea why I can’t stop the interval
inside the class I created?

class drawClass extends MovieClip {
        private var sPointx:Number;
    private var sPointy:Number;
    private var ePointx:Number;
    private var ePointy:Number;
    private var pieceNo:Number = 1;
    private var currentPart:String;
    private var nameIt:String;
    private var nTimes:Number;
    private var line:MovieClip;

    static var emptyClip:Number = 0;
    private function init() {
        sPointx = this._x;
        sPointy = this._y;
    private function startDrawing(stopIt:Number) {
        nTimes= setInterval(this, "drawing", 1);
    private function stopDrawing() {
    private function drawing() {
        ePointx = this._x;
        ePointy = this._y;
        if (pieceNo == 1) {
            currentPart = emptyClip+"part"+emptyClip;
            line.lineStyle(0, 0x0066cc, 100);
            line.moveTo(sPointx, sPointy);
               line.lineTo(ePointx, ePointy);
        sPointx = ePointx;
        sPointy = ePointy;


I really don’t understand why the interval is not cleared when I
call the function which stops the interval


:thumb: Thanks guys for checking my thread!