Some of my work - Check it out

Hey everyone, I realized that I’ve never posted any of my art, sO I thought I’d start…

First off I’ve never been a grunge fan, but today thought I’d just give it a try - so here is my first image, a nuclear theme:

Here is some of the stuff that is more my style:

One last one for now…

Tell me what you think - esp about my ATTEMPT (be it as sad as it is) at the whole grunge thing.


It is all good :), although I am not really one for “tagging” so I am not too big on that last one :-\

oh now lost dont be such a granny :stuck_out_tongue:

jk, I only do it in my note book, I dont condone doing it anywhere else - but I do think it is a really cool form of expression - in the right place (paper).


Oh, I didn’t mean it in the grafitti way, I am not a big fan of the style… that is just me though.

Maybe I am not “gangsta” enough…LOL :beam:

PS: No I do not agree with grafitti, I dislike that more than the style of tagging.

ahhh ok… :slight_smile:

I will say this, it is a style that is butchered and very unpleasant 90% of the time, I used to think it was totally lame, no artistic expression at all, but I have a cousin/artist in Chicago that is an EXTREAMLY good painter. Well he got into it and I was looking in his notebook, and his stuff was AMAZING like beautiful paintings he had done - but still it can be a hard style to like…

Thanks for the thumbs up on the other though!! :stuck_out_tongue:


oh i like your style! i’m down with grafitti. :pirate: very nice.

as for the grunge image: it’s nice, though it’s a personal preference that a certain picture be taken and “grunged up,” rather than creating a picture entirely from brushes and random cut-outs. a lot of grunge tends to be cliche too. bar codes, for example, are way overdone now. in my opinion, at least. :-\

the image has wonderful composition though. keep up the great work!

Yea, great stuff. The tag is fine, from a skill point of view :slight_smile:

All of you people make me feel like s**t! I can’t do anything like that!

sonmi, I totally agree with you about my grunge… and really that is all it is… a bunch of cutouts and some brushes all just thrown together :-\ I want to give it a real go eventually - like you said gunging up one image… but I suck at it right now… gotta get the feel for this weird look. Thanks for the good comments on the other stuff, coming from you its a real compliment!!!

Heres another (I got into a dragon phase):

Thanks for the feedback thus far!


Doesn’t any of you guys have legit tag-walls where you come from?

We have 1 or two in my little itty-bitty town…

Completely legit to tag all you want there…

It is illegal without a permit to draw/grafitti/paint on any wall that you do not own around here.

But its the city, all the walls/billboards/stores are tagged on.

The general law yes, but we have community owned buildings here with a huge white wooden board on it…

right down beside the train station… :slight_smile:

It’s been tagged like hell :stuck_out_tongue:

but of course, general grafitti (the illegit), has gone down… so, it’s a win/win :slight_smile:

Yeah, I definitely don’t know of any of them around here.

Everything is tagged on anyway, so it doesn’t matter…lol.

Where I go to school there are a few old buildings off the beaten path that people go to to express themselves… actually there is a huge photo exhibit in the university library showing most of the really good pieces that are there… it is really cool, esp because it is like a piece of living art - ie always changing and developing as people put up stuff over old stuff.


eilsoe: any comments on my stuff? I would value comments from you (good or bad). :slight_smile:


I like the mushrooms. :slight_smile:

It’s all cool stuff… but I have this thing for mushrooms

Thanks David, I really like that one too.