Some Simple Questions -Regarding XML

I’m following the adobe demonstration of loading xml, i.e. Load the xml file into a XMLConnector component --> into a dataSet component --> into a dataGrid component.
I have the following questions:

  1. If i have multiple scenes in my flash document and I have the XMLConnector and dataSet components in scene1 only, will i be able to access them in any other scene (i.e have my dataGrid in a seperate scene). Or do I have to re-instance them each scene and reload the xml data?

  2. I plan on having my dataGrid editable by the user, I have tested this and to me it appears the data loaded in the XMLConnector does not get changed when the dataGrid is edited (i did this useing XMLConnector.results after the dataGrid was edited). Is there a method of refreshing the dataGrid with the original data without having to reload it (using XMLConnector.trigger() ) ?

  3. I want to have my user be able to edit the original XML file, i know flash can’t write directly too files. What would be the most reliable method for writing to the xml file via flash - i.e. flash to php to xmlfile ? Or is there no good way of doing this from flash?

Thanks for any help you guys can offer. (Using MX 2004)