Someone Please help! I really want to finish this short clip!

Ok, I learned a ton from your tutorials, but I need some further assistance. First, How do I add sounds to a flash animation, and does anyone know any websites where I can get short noises like a boing or a smashing or splattering noise? Or any website like that would help. And I really need help with, like when you view it, how do you make so its a black screen and you hit the play button and start watching? Like before it plays, its a black screen with a big button in middle and you click it and it starts? And how do I do basically the same thing at the end but have it fade and then have a button saying Replay? Or something of the sort… And also any tutorials (not important really) on making active smoke would be nice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a really generic example. Also you can get sounds from

Also, import your sounds and then place them on the frame you want them to play

Can you be more clear as to how to like apply the noises? And does anyone have any tutorials on smoke? Also I got my movie to fade in and out… but how do I make those buttons?

ctrl+F8 will create a new movie clip instance, draw the shape of your button and then go back to scene 1. From scene 1 select the MC you just made and drag it onto the stage, with it still selected give it an instance name like btn1. Then call that btn1 from the main timeline to act as a button. As for the sound…search adding sound to movies and I’m sure you’ll come up with loads of tutorials.

Soon after I posted I discovered how to do sounds… But I’m unsure what you mean with the button… I’ll re-read it again… It just doesn’t make sense. And also How do I make it so the movie wont start until I click it?

You place


at the beginning of your code

With your flash movie open and you on scene 1 hit the ctrl key and hold it down and then hit F8. A dialog appears and asks you to name what your creating and select what you want it to be…a movie clip, a button, or a graphic. In this case you want it to be a movie clip. When you’ve done that and clicked OK you will be brought into the stage area of the new MC you just created. Select the rectangle tool or the circle tool and draw. Then select the text tool and make your text over that shape. When your all done with that go back to scene 1 by clicking Scene 1 at the top of your stage. Then go into the library and click and hold the movie clip you just finished and drag it out onto your stage. With it selected go to the bottom left of the screen and enter in an instance name.

Ya, I tried everything you said… and It stops and sits… but the play button doesn’t work… Like is there an action script I must add? And How Do I do a replay button? Thanks… Any help would be nice!

Edit: I Made the play movie clip, a button, and added a code, and it works… Now what is the code to make the button replay? Thanks

You need the stop() in your main timeline…this stops your animation. Then in your start button, you need either a play() or a gotoAndPlay() command to restart the animation e.g.

start_btn.onRelease = function () {

For a replay button it’s the same thing, only you’d have a gotoAndPlay(x) command where x is either a frame label (best way) or a specific frame number.

replay_btn.onRelease = function () {

Woa Woa WOA! Lol Ok, I don’t know what command that is for play button… I already have on but its different, but o well, Anyways… that replay button isnt working… and what is the replay_btn. thing or whatever? I deleted that… and its still not working… like so can you explain it better… and amybe fix the code or whatever… what Im using is [COLOR=#0000ff]
onRelease[/COLOR] = [COLOR=#000000]function[/COLOR] COLOR=#000000[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]{[/COLOR]

And its not working… so any help would be awesome!

Edit: I messed around… and came up with this code
on (press) {

But… like it takes me back to begging and yo umust hit play button again… how do I fix this?