Someone Please Help Me!


Im kind of a newbie and need help with the following. Thanks.

Im trying to send variables from my HTML page to flash, in order to control the location of movie clips. This is what I have.


<param name="movie" value="navi.swf?sectionheader=charts">

*I have also added the “?sectionheader=charts” to the EMBED line.


sectionheader._x = 10;
sectionheader._y = 290;
*This is set on the first frame.

The theory is that flash will read the variable and come up with something like:

charts._x = 10;
charts._y = 290;

…but, ofcourse it doesnt!!!

What am I doing wrong?

I have been able to set text of textfields and event traget frame Labels in similar ways, but this will not work…Aaaarrrgh!

This is probably a walk in the park for you guys, so please help if you can.

Thanks in advance,


where is charts coming from? is it a variable you declared inside the html? cause i dunno if that will work the same in flash (using the _x and _y properties outside flash).


Thanks for responding. Here is a bit more detail.

My flash document has several movieclips placed in the work area, out of normal site in the published SWF. These movieclip instances have been given the names “HOME”, “CHARTS”, “TEAM”, etc, etc.

I want flash to look at the SWF coding on the HTML page, and read the variable value of “sectionheader”

This value will then be used to complete the following script and move the appropriate movieclip instance into view.

for example.


will result in

charts._x = 10;
charts._y = 290;



will result in

home._x = 10;
home._y = 290;

I hope this helps a little more, sorry for my poor explanation. As I said before this method of passing variables from HTML works fine for TextAreas and Frame Labels, but does not work for movieclip instance names so far.

Thanks again, for any help!