Someone With Knowledge in "Print" Design

Ok, for my Economics class at school, we are starting a student company. Basically what you do is pick a product, get it produced, and sell it.

Everyone does T-Shirts, but we wanted to be a little different. The new “fad” at our school has been bouncy balls, so we figured we’d get a few hundred printed up with the school logo and sell them.

I’ve been looking around at different places, and I’ve only found one that really looks like it is somewhere close to what we want ( ). It’s a bit pricey, but not too far off. One of the problems though are that the school colors are maroon and white/silver. They don’t have maroon.

So from someone in the industry (or who’s better than me at google searches :P), where could I get something like this produced? (The only others I could find were considerably more expensive and had lights inside).

And to those of you who were just reading this thread for fun, how much do you think we could sell these for? I was thinking in the $2-$3 range. If kids at your school were selling bouncy balls, would you buy them?

Thanks :smiley: