Something for the Ladies

Please drop by and check out, “The Ladies Room”
Tell me what you think!

:lol: , thought it was going to be nude pics of men… glad I was wrong. :slight_smile:

hahahaha. Hey up you a little “curious?” lol

Wtf is that forum? Buncha Ice Skateing geeks? What has it to do with Flash?

This is a place for site checks in general… it’s not required that it be flash in nature.
Curious? Nope… but I’m neither am I embarassed about such things. I’ll check out anyone’s site and give opinion, regardless of content. :slight_smile:

er I was jking:) I stand corrected.

I knew you were joking… sorry… sometimes I come off like a jokester, and other times I come off being far to dry… I hope I didn’t insult you. It was not intended.


Cool board!

Lol. Yes it is.