Something Wrong with the System


I’ve been working on a my blog for the past month.

The URL is:

I was hoping you guys might want to check it out, maybe bookmark the RSS feed :slight_smile:

Primarily I’ve been posting my experimental and practical AS3 work. The blog is my way of pushing my AS3 abilities.

Recently I just finished work on an implementation of the as3flickrlib which can be found here:

Also of interest is a zoomable image viewer:

Some of the older stuff is pretty cool too!

So there you have it, check it out. Tell your friends! Let me know what you like, and what you don’t.


Peter Organa

I really like the look of the site, very clean and professional.


I have checked your blog. Its very good. All about programming, and I suggest your blog to others also.Thanks. Keep rocking!

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys. It’s cool to hear people are digging what I’m doing on the blog. This last month I’ve spent several hours a week writing code for the blog, and I appreciate someone (ANYONE!) telling me that it’s helpful.

Shine on,

Peter Organa