Sometimes, it is the little things!

Spotted this today on the google search box…a drop-shadow hover effect :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here it just changes the border color :smiley:

Me too :confused:

Must be something they are testing for just a few users, or it may be something that is tied to certain geographic regions!

Lousy google!

it could be a graphic interchange format

It could also be spam :cookie:

Yeah Material Design!

Little thing doing what?

I don’t get it… :frowning:

Hes viewing it on on of these

I laughed - until I noticed Penelope Cruz was cut out from the image.
:disappointed: Who cuts of Penelope Cruz from an image?

I like the yellow dot mouse.
Google should localize the graphic on for example university campus with the “yellow tutorial mouse”.

Every time a campus student google something, they tutorial themselves.

Mmm. Her name sounds like an exotic fruit, whoever this penelope is you speak of

Peach? Rambutan?

Heres a pitch for a google easter egg with lots of small details.