Sorry, Director question again

This shouldn’t be too tricky I dont think. The images im pulling in to Director seem to be 320x240 as it is defined in the code. But when I try changing it, it just stays at the same size. If I define something a lot smaller, it seems to streatch it to fit the 320x240 box and looks really pixely. Is it a built in size for the xtra do you think? Coz I know the actual webcam im using is capable of grabbing larger images. I’m a confused bean. Thanks in advance.

global webcamxtra
property w
property h
property imageNumber

on beginsprite
imageNumber = 0
w = 320
h = 240
webcamxtra = new (xtra “webcamxtra”)
webcamxtra.findglobs(0) --disable glob processing to speed up framerate

on exitframe
–process one frame

– inc image number
imageNumber = imageNumber +1
if imageNumber > 20 then
imageNumber = 1
end if

–draw the camera image to the cast member
member(“image”&imageNumber).image = webcamxtra.image()
go the frame

on endsprite