Sorting Lines of text using PHP from MYSQL

I am trying to display only a 5 lines of text per DIV and that text is coming from a MYSQL DB. How can I make that happen?

                        $line =  $row['livingareas'];
                        $totalLines = $line.length;
                        for ($i=1; $i<=totalLines; $i++)
                                echo '<ul>';
                                echo '<li>';
                                echo str_replace("
", "<li>", $line+i);
                                echo '</li>';
                                echo '</ul>';

Here is the text that is located in MYSQL.

Empty waste baskets 
Dust or polish furniture 
Cobweb ceilings 
Cobweb baseboards 
Cobweb window sills 
Clean light switch plates 
Dust lighting fixtures 
Dust ceiling fans 
Dust telephones 
Dust wall hangings  
Dust clocks, pictures etc. 
Dust vents, louvers, fans, blinds 
Clean mirrors 
Vacuum upholstery (upon request) 
Vacuum all floors and carpets 
Damp mop all hard flooring 

All of this text is in one row. How can I only show 5 in one Div and the rest in another? Thank you