SOTW - nowhere to be found

Hi guys, cant seem to find the current Kirupa SOTW on the net :? perhaps the site is temporarily down? ( not good)

Hey pixi!
The site maybe down for a bit. I know the link worked a few days ago when it was added :slight_smile:

Kirupa :evil:

I just tried it - no problem!

Under Art & Design if you missed it. :hr:

quite possibly bandwidth issues… kirupa gets tons of hits, much more than sotw was expecting

eek! why can’t I edit my posts… I can’t use the editable form field thingy… it won’t let me edit the text in it… and I meant to add ‘probably’ at the end ;)…

Kool No problem Kirupa, just checking, they are prob down temporarily… cant wait to see it later. Caio Respek pixi.

It was still on, like, two hours ago or something :h:

WohooO!!! Site is up - and so is the SOTW K :te:

theres somthing about that site that reminds me of unflux…