Sound beep with buttons


Prob 1: I’ve associated a beep with my buttons by adding a sound on the down frame of the button. However, when I start clicking my buttons this beep sound on some clicks is extremely distorted.

Prob 2: If I keep clicking the beep sound associated with my buttons on certain occasions the beep sounds louder. I don’t know why (I do have a background loop playing, could it be the cause?).

Thank you for the time.

This is just a quick thought, but maybe you could try something like using a sound object, then use attachSound(); to the on (Click) or someting.
Sorry that I am not much help! :hangover:

The answer to #1 might be the sound itself. It might be distorted 'cause there is only 1 keyframe to play from. If you have a beep sound try putting it on a new layer of the button or just make a movieclip and make something out of that. Then open up yours library, properties, and set it to default instead of MP3 and play around with that.

Well the answer to 1 worked. Thanx.

But I’m still having trouble with prob 2… any help?