Sound file player


Need some guidance in this task. Now I now quite a bit of flash and AS but is nowhere near some of you guys, to add to that I´m really new to PHP but manage some simple scripts.

Have a couple of comp-freak-friends and we do some LANing now and then. We always starts the parties with the most gruelsome fights about the music that should be played. So to solve this I wanna do the following…or have a go at least…

  1. Load the available soundfiles (mp3,wma) from a folder into a swf to form a list of available tunes. In my knowlege this should be done by a PHP script in someway but how I do not now.

  2. Be able to select one tune in the swf and by clicking a select button load this file into the playlist of a player (windows media player if it is possible otherwise into a player made in flash).

I´m probobly in over my head with this but I´d really like to get this working.

  1. Just to make things even harder I´d like to add a IP check that makes you wait for 5 minutes or something before you can choose another tune ( so the same user don´t “flood” the player with theire tunes.

I now I´m asking a lot but I will post the finnished product here so that other that want to can use it (and probobly improve it).

Guide me…please