Sound in background?

Hi everyone!!

All i want to know is simple, but might be complicated i dont know!

How do i get a sound to play throughout the entire flash site in the background?

Go to and you will see what i mean.
Its a great site by the way!

In this “crucial limit” site, he has tunes playing in the background, and they keep playing despite how deep you navigate throught the site, no matter what button you press, the song continues to play without stopping.
Thats what i want to achieve.

Can anyone help me???

I usually put my sound in a separate swf, and load it into another level, like 100:rambo:


thanks reverendflash, but i have one problem now…
i dont understand what you mean, how to i do it as a seperate swf and bring it on level 100?
im a bit lost as you can see, can u pls explain with a bit more detail pls thanks

it tells you how to do that here:



Hey thanks for ur reply!!!

I did the tutorial , but it still doesnt explain how to have a sound playing in the background constantly!!!

If you mean by bringing in the sound as an external swf, well once you press another button, the sound is gonna stop playing you get me?

I want the sound to play continously no matter what button you press!

Is there maybe an fla, you have that has an answer to my query?


In the separet SWF that has your sound did you set the number of times to loop? IF you don’t set the loops to like “999” in the sound control Panal your sound will only play once.

If you just want one thing repeating I don’t see why putting the sound in at the beginning on a new layer and looping it x 999 would be affected by any other buttons.

There is something that I’d like to know however. I don’t want sound to come in at the beginning I want three buttons each with a separate loop assigned to it, and a fourth with ‘off’.

I know each button needs to have a stop all sounds to stop them repeating over each other. I know the off needs a ‘stop all sounds’. But - I don’t want to use goto commands because that will screw up other things in the site. I know then that I need to use tell targets or maybe insert the loops into the buttons themselves - anyone know how to do this?

Ypu don’t ahve to have a stop all sounds. Make three separt
swf’s with jsut your sounds looping in it. Have the code in your buttons unload layer 99 or what ever layer then load aone of your sound swf’s into that layer. Put this same code on each button and just change the swf you load. Your sound off button will just unload the MC in layer 99.

loadmovie( “sound1.swf”,99);

If you would like me to post the exact code I can do it in 7 hours after I get of work.

Response time 6 minutes - that’s better than the emergency services.

I’ll just have a look at that.

Ya see on your Urban Scrwal Web site you have a stop all sounds action on your off button right? What this does is kill the sound and you can’t turn sound back on untill you reload the whole site. What the other script I posted does is give you the option to turn it back if you choose. If the pseudo code I posted dosn’t work I’ll post the real code after work. Hope you get it working:)

Having a few probs there - when you say a separate swf, do you mean an entirely different swf file ie, file-new etc. how will the site access it?

Truly appreciate the help.

Oh - by the way, how do I embed an image as a signature instead of the text signature link to my site?

You got it. There will be a entirely different swf for each sound. There two actions loadmovie and unload movie you can use in your buttons to load and unload different sounds. This technique is also great because you don’t have to have a layer for your sound. When it loads into the layer number you specify it plays until the loops run out or you click for a different sound. I’m at work right now but if you can hang tight for another 4 hours I can have the code posted for ya.

By the way nice site did you make it yourself?:slight_smile:

PS The have a picture as you signature you just use HTMl tags
This is the code I have in my signature

(there shoud be a square bracket here)swf=“ height=60 width=300”][/swf]

Just change SWF to img and suround it with a Href i think.:slight_smile:

Here is the exact code for your buttons:

on (release) {
unloadMovieNum (99);
loadMovieNum (“track1.swf”, 99);

Change the swf for the different tracks

For your off button just use:

on (release) {
unloadMovieNum (99);

If it still dosent’ work I’ll make you a quick FLA so you can see how it works.


Hey, thanks for ur help and guidance, i really appreciate it!
I was just wondering if it is possible if u send me a simple fla, it will make it much easier to understand, what we are trying to express here!!!

I have a feeling you have to press a button to activate the sound, what i want is the sound to play automatically, soon as the flash site loads up, but anyway we will deal with that later, can u plllsssss send me a simple fla, and maybe after we can figure out the rest???

Im still cant c how bringing in the sound as a seperate swf will continue to loop, despite hitting other buttons…but anyway…


Ya i’ll make you up something. If you go to this site you will see how I deal with sound. This site does load one loop off the start and that loop plays no matter where you go throuhg out the site. If you want a differnt loop you just select the differnet tracks at the top. You can also turn off the loops and then turn them back on. Clicking a navagation button has no effect on the sound.

PS. The site might take a little while to load. It was the first thing I built in flash before I knew all the ways to keep file size down.

okay I have the swf’s in the same file separately - but it doesn’t appear to be loading them. It is an empty layer that I am attempting to load them from, the names definitely correspond - just nothing happens when I click on the button with the code.

Any clues as to what could be up amigo?

Do I need to give a full file name or url or something??

If all the swfs are in the same file then you shouldn’t have to ahve more than titlename.swf in the load script. Also the layer that you load the sounds into doesn’t have to exist on the main time line. For the layer number just put in a high number like 99 or 999. If your number is to low you might load something on top of it and lose your sound. I’m making a quick example so just hang tight and I’ll have some thing for you to look at soon.

Here you go the sintax321 sound system. It is very basic but it shoud show you what you need to know. Just post if you need a hand with it.:slight_smile:

Here you go the sintax321 sound system. It is very basic but it shoud show you what you need to know. Just post if you need a hand with it.

It is a pretty big zip file so I’ll only be hosting it for about 4 days so please download it ASAP and give me a message when you have it. Have Fun

Thanks pal - tried downloading it last night but I think my computer, with four or five major applications open and running several web pages for over ten hours, just decided it had had enough and was being arsey about it.

It appears to be downloading happily now though, so I shall get back to you when it’s up so you can check it out - and yep, I designed the site myself, thanks for asking. No one appeared to deem it worthy of comment in the site check section (sigh).