Sound issues - volume this time


im trying to make a funny little music sequencer thingy with 8 buttons that turn on/off looping samples.

ive been experimenting and ive got to the point where i have my samples looping along with each other fairly happily, i can start and stop the whole process from one button and its all working ok.
what i want to do now is to have the buttons toggle the volume of the samples on or off individually without interfering with the loop.

ive loaded the samples into flash(5) and linkaged them to scripty/code objects like so…(without looking at it)

tr1 = new sound();
tr2 = new sound();

but when i attach an action to a button that says something like this




it sets the volume of all the samples to 0/100 (respectively) - which i find a bit strange
why does it do this? - im assuming its the way sound is mixed within a movie.
is it something i can get around by using several nested movies or somethin? - i havent got to grips with all this flash&director business yet since im only really used to coding on unix and all the spanky pictures and buttons confuse me.

much thanx

where you define your new sound object “mySound = new Sound ();” you are saying that the sound object is a global sound object. therefore you are setting the global sound, no matter what sound object you are controlling.
if you place an empty movie clip on the stage with the name “mcSoundHolder” you could do this: “mySound = new Sound (_root.mcSoundHolder);” and then control “mySound” without affecting any other sound object.

Aah, i see.

that makes sense.

i might even post the finished product if its any good.

bigfat thankyou to sinfiniti