Sound object doesn't play in Flash MX 2004

Since I upgraded to flash MX 2004, I’m experiencing a sound issue.

The sound plays fine when I publish in Flash version 6 but doesn’t play when I publish in version 7. The reason I need to publish in version 7 is because I use flash mx 2004’s new CSS and <img src> support.

I defined a sound object in an actionscript in the 1st frame of the timeline using the following code:

audio=new Sound();

The sound object “audio” in the library has a linkage id of “audio1” .

Later down the timeline the sound object is loaded using the following code:,999);

Again, this script works fine when I publish in flash verson 6 but then I loose my css support. In flash 7 I regain my css support but I loose my sound.

Anybody have a clue about this?