Sound On Bigini

Ok i want to have a sound file that says welcome when my flash is finish loaded on entry but after the entry i want to end ok what i’m saying is making it play at start and not loop after with the other animations sorta like a welcome message.

Make two different scenes.
Scene 1: Preloader
Scene 2: Main movie

In Scene 1 embedd your sound after all of the preloader frames. make the preloader ( after it is 100% loaded) keep playing Scene 1 until it reaches the embedded sound. The sound <b>will</b> keep playing even when the movie changes into Scene 2. If you need example just ask :thumb:

Yes i do Cube thx for asking bro,also i need to know i’m trying to call a frame thats in a diffrent screen,ok i try to make a button and make the tween as a diffrent scene but everytime i press down on the button i have to keep my hand on the button to see the tween,what i wanted to know is how to just make one click and bring up the tweeen without using the down button and having tokeep my finger on my mouse also please show an example if you may of that.