Sound over a bunch of scenes

does anybody have problems with this?

i have a bunch of scenes in a web cartoon i’m doing and i want a constant song to go over them all without breaking, is there someway of doing this? do i have to throw every scene all into one scene? is that the only way

By no means. While most people seem scared of scenes (they are wierd and add extra filesize…but I like them), you merely have to do something like this:

//makes the object "backgroundSong" a sound object
_root.backgroundSong = new Sound();
//attaches an mp3 in from the library with the
//linkage name of "backing" to the sound object
//tell the sound object "backgroundSong" to start
//playing the attached mp3 at second 0 of the song
//and play the song only 1 time
//this set of code will be executed when the song
//completes playing 
_root.backgroundSong.onSoundComplete = function() {
//When the song completes playing...
//start the song at second 0 and play
//only 1 time

Alright, the comments should explain the code. Now, if you’ve encountered something of this sort before, you might be wondering why I didn’t write code like this…

//loop the song 99 times

Well, say someone sits there and listens to the song a 99 times…well…then there’s no music. So, the code I’ve written will continue to play the song because, when the song is finished playing, it starts it over. It’s like a continuous loop. Of course, this can be stopped by telling the sound object to stop (in which case the onSoundComplete code is not executed):

//STOP! I'm tired of the song...

Alright, that should be it.


you the man elios