Sound overlap

I had made 2 movies
Movie no.1 on level0…
And Movie No.2 on level1…
…no.1 had some animations and a sound loop which i want should play in background always…then loaded 2nd movie without unloading it from the base
In movie no.2 i had put in some voice overs and some buttons on which these voice overs works…
Now what i do is that on switching over from one button to another i put an action to “stopallsounds”… this stops the voice overs along with the background music !!!which i want should play on contnously…
Well how should i do that???
I just want to stop whichever voice overs are working that momentbut not the main music…
i m not very familier with controlling sounds by AS.
Please Help…I m in hurry

If you want the main music or background music to play no matter what happens on your movie, what you’ll need to do is create a separate SWF for your music and load it in level 3 or any level you are not using that way it will always play. If you want to remove the sound/background music all you do is make a button and assign an action script

unLoadMovie (3 <-- level of the loaded swf)

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your advice!!!
But i have tried it our(-----loading in 3 levels—)
but even i was shocked when on “stopallsounds” in different swf also stops the sound playing in an different swf!!!
what else can i do ???
Any suggestions please…

Here is the code to attach sound to your movie (bgmusic.swf)

bgMusic = new sound(this); //the variable declaring your soundClip
bgMusic.attachSound(“sound1”);//the name you assign the soundClip
bgMusic.start( 0, 999 );// 0 = beginning of your sound in seconds and 999 = loop 999x

create a new movie and import the specific sound you want to play for this movie.
Do not drag the sound clip on to the stage
After you import the sound, go to your library and right click on the sound object and then choose Linkage. Select
‘Export This Symbol’
and on the
‘identifier box’
give your soundClip a name in this case you’ll name it “sound1”(without the quotes).

now, go to your first frame and add the action script above to that frame.

Test your movie (Ctrl/Enter) and save it as bgMusic.swf or whatever you want to name it and then you can go ahead and load this bgMusic.swf onto your main movie.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for hellp Mikeylkzt,
I will surely try it out and hope that it will work out the problem…
thanks once again.