Sound planning

I have a flash movie which has got 5 scenes and from scene 2 onwards i am using sound. In scene 1 I have made a prelaoder. My problem is that it starts loading sounding in scene 1 frame 1. Is there any way by which the sound starts prelaoding in frame 2.

Problem 2.

I am using same sound in different scenes timeline. How can we by flash scripting call the sound from the library at the timeline.

Iam using F 5

Puneet Batra


save your sounds as external swf’s then load them anywhere in the timeline that you like.
makes for a little more work, but gives you a lot of flexibility if you are going to change the sounds or sometimes use them and sometimes not.

Well once u have the sound set up like that its less work…you just have to copy the actionscript over…if ur using mx u could just load an mp3 too…:slight_smile:

Plus by saving sounds (especially large mp3 files) in external movies, you’ll save on download time, as it won’t be trying to load the whole lot at once.